To Apply for Funding



The McCusker Charitable Foundation will only consider applications from the following:

  • Organisations meeting the Foundation’s key objectives.

  • Organisations having income tax charity endorsement from the Australian Taxation Office.

  • Organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status.


All decisions are made at the complete discretion of the Directors. Reasons for rejection of requests for funding will not necessarily be given.


Key Objectives


The McCusker Charitable Foundation's primary focus is medical research and the advancement of science but, when funds are available, the Directors will also consider applications for assistance for projects related to:

  • Care, welfare and education of young people.

  • Promotion of high achievement and excellence.

  • Support for the aged and infirm.

  • Development of the arts.

  • The Directors are committed to encouraging greater philanthropy, volunteering and giving throughout Australia at all levels.




The McCusker Charitable Foundation will accept applications from all states and territories of Australia for projects conducted within Australia. However, priority will be given to applications for the support of projects conducted by qualified organisations within Western Australia for the benefit of Western Australians.




The McCusker Charitable Foundation will receive applications for funding between the months of February and November.


How to Apply for Funding

Please outline in an email of approximately 250 - 500 words how much funding you are seeking, for what purpose and any other relevant information.


The MCF Administrator will contact you directly, if the Foundation is interested in your proposal and would like to receive further information.



Please send all requests for funding to: